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Products and Services

Town Planning

The town planning services provided by Diana's Planning and Heritage specialise in small-scale projects and include the following:

  • General Town Planning and Development Concept Advice - Identification of the planning controls applicable to a property, including pre-purchase advice to identify the development potential of a site, and advice on current planning legislation in NSW.

  • Statement of Environmental Effects - Preparation of a Statement of Environmental Effects which identifies any likely impacts from a development proposal and the measures undertaken to mitigate those effects. The statement justifies the proposal and conveys information not easily shown on plans and drawings. My statements can incorporate Council report format, and can even include and suggest draft conditions for any consent.

  • Submission of Objection Letters - Preparation of submissions on behalf of neighbouring residents or affected stakeholders in respect to proposed developments, incorporating Land and Environment Court Planning Principles.

  • SEPP 1 Objections - Preparation of State Environmental Planning Policy No. One Objections. A SEPP 1 is a justification statement which is required when a development proposal does not comply with a particular development standard but is seen to satisfy the objectives of the development standard.

  • View Loss Assessments - Preparation of view loss assessments, quantifying view loss impacts.

  • Co-ordination of Development Applications (DAs) - From development concept to development consent...provision of preliminary advice including attendance at pre-lodgement meetings, preparation of supporting documentation, lodgement and liaison with Council.

  • Consultation to Councils - Assessment of development applications where an external, independent assessment is required.


The heritage services provided by Diana's Planning and Heritage include the following:

  • Heritage Impact Statements - Preparation of Heritage Impact Statements for properties which are listed Heritage Items, within heritage Conservation Areas or within the vicinity of a Heritage Item. A HIS identifies why an item is of significance and the impact proposed works will have on that significance, including means to mitigate impacts.

  • Restoration and Conservation Advice - Provision of assistance and advice in relation to heritage matters.

  • Paint Colours - Advice in regard to appropriate paint colours for heritage-listed buildings.

Additional Services

  • Architectural Psychology Statement-A supplementary statement can be prepared to promote a development proposal further, indicating the likely environmental perception of the proposal on the future users and occupants.

  • Technical Typing - Typing of any general technical documentation.

  • Sales Writing - Preparation of marketing statements for promotion of properties.

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